About Us

Low rates, fast closings...guaranteed.

LenderCity was founded with you in mind.  Our technology puts you in control of the process, resulting in lower rates and loan costs.

Each rate quote goes through our pricing engine resulting in real-time rates and fees.  We strive to consistently deliver rates that are .25 – .375% lower than the average national rates quoted by Freddie Mac and our clients have saved thousands in fees and interest on each of the over $1 Billion in loans funded to date.  We guarantee that we will beat any loan estimate presented to us.

We also put technology to work, averaging an impressive 15 days from application to final approval.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are 100% transparent so you get real quotes and straight answers, every time. Let us provide you with a quote today and we’ll prove to you why we’re different than other lenders. 

We work with more than 50 wholesale lenders. This allows us to get you the best rates on all types of loan programs including: 30yr mortgage, 20yr mortgage, 15yr mortgage, 10yr mortgage, 1yr ARMS, 3yr ARMS, 5yr ARMS, Conventional, and Jumbo. Whether your situation calls for a new primary residence, second/vacation home, or investment property, we most likely have a program for your needs!